Dried Split Betel Nuts

Betel Nuts SPLIT 60-65% good cut, well dried:

* Moisture Content: 7%
* Impurity (nut skin & nut dust): Max 5%
* Broken Pieces Max 5%
* In Split: ± 200 pieces per KG or (± 5 grams per piece)
* HS Code: 0802.80.00.00
* Loading 1 x 20’FCL: ± 17 Metric Tons (284 Gunny Bags)
* Packing: In Single Gunny Bag, 60 Kilograms Nett Weight, or as request
* Port of Loading: Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Payment: TT in advance or QC from the buyer will check the condition of betel nuts, after the result of checking, the buyer will negotiate price. After a price agreement, buyer’s party will give a minimum 10% order money from the total price of betel nuts then the seller will do the loading to container/truck that will be witnessed by both parties. After loading, the seller will show the betel nut road letters and the buyer will make remaining 90% payment to the seller. Container/truck can only walk if the payment process has been received by the seller.


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